Google Search update August 10

If you are seeing big changes in SERP, you are not the only one. On August 10, Google has released a change to its search algorithm that has shuffled search results in a way not seen since Penguin or Panda.

The first thing that jumps out seems to be related to jobs and work. Websites advertising jobs seem to be the big winner of the brawl, now ranking on the first page even for generic keywords. Looking for a service? Here are companies hiring for it.

Some suggest that this could be related to the sharp increase in unemployment due to COVID-19, and the amount of people looking for a job as a result.

Other winners seem to be Amazon and Ebay. Could this again be explained by the increase in online shopping during the lockdown?

The strange thing about this update is that, unlike core updates,  nothing has been announced by Google, leaving some SEOs to think that this is a bug and only temporary.

John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google that is normally engaging with the SEO community has also remained silent on Twitter as well as Reddit, further fuelling the the theory that there is work in progress and that the update isn't definitive yet.

On reddit, there are reports that affiliate and smaller shopping websites have coped it the worst, with some fearing for their revenue.

The common advice in such situations is to sit tight and give a few days for the dust to settle.

Update: John Mueller has confirmed that it was a glitch and has been fixed, although some still report funky rankings.